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Mission Statement & Culture

To continue to be a major worldwide supplier to the UV printing industry


Our Values


Our Vision

To sell and supply our customers with products and services that comply with their requirements, are delivered to them on time, are competitively priced and profitable to Paragon.

To be a continuous improving company that is devoted to customer care.

To do this through continuous improvements in our products, technology, processes and services and in a way that helps to develop our own and our customer’s employees.

We are committed to doing this in a way that:

  • Considers environmental impact at all time
  • Displays a professional team like manner
  • Fulfils personal and business ambitions

Our Culture

It is the belief of everyone in the company that our success as a business and as individuals is dependant on our ability to be ambitious and efficient at what we do and at all times to work in a courteous team like manner.

Our ability to be efficient is in itself dependant on the company supplying the right tools, training and incentives. Paragon’s commitment to continuous improvement means we will invest in people by giving them every opportunity to improve their skills and at the same time invest in technology and plant to facilitate maximum effectiveness.

Our success is directly related to the success of our customers, we are therefore committed to helping them become better businesses by consistently supplying high quality products and services in line with their needs and expectations.

Our people are our business.